We Can Help

We Can Help – LASSA provides survivors of sexual assault with a wide-range of free legal services from general advice to holistic, direct representation on civil legal matters.

A Lawyer Can Help
A lawyer can be an important tool in handling the legal issues related to a sexual assault. LASSA attorneys provide a variety of services, including:

When you fear for your safety or are worried about protecting your information

LASSA can help you file for a protective order, make plans for your safety moving, and apply for Crime Victims’ Compensation. Advocates can work with schools, employers, and medical providers to protect your medical, education, shelter, and rape crisis records.

When you need or want to find a new place to live

LASSA can represent you in housing authority matters and during eviction proceedings, negotiate with landlords to break leases or increase safety, educate tenants and landlords about victim protections, and identify legal solutions for accessing public and private housing.

When you need to rebuild and protect your family

LASSA can represent you in filing for divorce, pursuing child custody or child support, changing your name, defending yourself in a CPS investigation, and all family-related matters.

When your work environment is uncomfortable, you need time off of work, or you can’t work

LASSA can assist you with workers compensation claims and represent you in sexual harassment and discrimination complaints.

When you don’t feel safe at school or need more support to reach your educational goals

LASSA can represent you in campus sexual assault hearings or school discipline hearings, assess whether schools are in compliance with state and federal laws, and help you receive education services and disability benefits.

When you qualify for public assistance

LASSA can assess your eligibility for public benefits, help you apply, and represent you if your benefits are denied.

When your financial situation is uncertain

LASSA can help you evaluate your credit, respond to debt collectors, fight identity theft and errors on credit reports, and avoid unfair consumer practices.

When you have other legal issues or special considerations

LASSA can help with guardianship, powers of attorney, wills, and immigration matters including work permits, temporary legal status, and legal permanent residency. LASSA advocates have extensive experience handling legal issues related to foster youth, veterans, and LGBT individuals.